Financial Trainer



Financial Trainer - 8 Pillars


Wearing the cap and gown only a few years ago, Drew is wasting no time influencing hundreds to make better financial decisions that strengthen marriages and families. Drew received his Bachelors degree in Family Life in April 2011.


What advice would you give students interested in this occupation?


For students who would like to teach finance, I would encourage you to job shadow people in the positions you would like to receive. Learn what everyday life on the job looks like. Find opportunities to practice teaching by working as a TA for a professor, volunteering in the community, etc. Having real-life experience in the field you enjoy makes you more marketable and helps you know if it is the right job for you. Determine if you only want to educate, or if you would enjoy helping people find and purchase financial products. No matter what career you pursue, develop a network of individuals you can turn to for guidance along your way.

What options exist to teach family finance?


I decided to pursue a degree in Family Studies with the dream of teaching families how to better manage money, create and live by a budget, and prepare for the future. I did not realize at the time that there are not many job opportunities for teaching finance the way I had envisioned it. I could work for a non-profit or government organization that provides free education to the public, teach at a school or university, or work for a financial institution, such as an insurance or investment company, selling financial products.