Required Prerequisites

Junior or senior status; completion of SFL 101, SFL 160, SFL 210 and completion or concurrent enrollment in at least 9 hours of 300-400 level courses; a minimum 2.30 cumulative GPA; be in good honor code & academic standing at BYU.

Domestic Internships

  • All internships must be approved by Karen Christensen prior to the experience.
  • To start the internship process, visit the Family and Social Services Internship office ( ) located at 945 KMBL.
    • Karen Christensen ( or 801-422-3697) can help identify potential internship sites that meet the requirements of the School of Family Life.
    • This should be done one semester before interning.
    • It is expected that students will seek for and secure an internship that is closely related to SFL principles.

International Internships

  • There are currently no international internships available through the School of Family Life

Academic Credits and Hands-On Requirements

  • After the student meets with Karen Christensen and the internship is approved, the intern and internship coordinator determine the number of credits.
  • Academic credit will be awarded based on the number of hours you spend in the workplace during the semester/terms and course work completed. The specific assignments of credit are shown below:
Number of Credit Hours Total Hours During the Semester/Terms Average Hours Per Week at the Workplace
1 45 3-5
2 90 6-8
3 135 9-11
4 180 12-14
5 225 15-18
6 270 19-21
7 315 22-24
8 360 25-27
9 405 28-30

Hands on Requirements

No more than 9 hours of credit will be awarded in the course. Up to 3 credit hours may be applied toward the capstone requirement in SFL.


Academic Requirements Summary


Learning Outcomes

  • Complete a supervised internship in an employment setting or agency related to human development, marriage, home, or family.
  • Link academic learning with these professional experiences.
  • Complete a minimum of 45 hands-on hours per credit.


Learning Activities for 3 credits include:

  • Weekly Journal and Time Logs
  • Written Evaluations (Employer and Self)
  • Learning Goals & Objectives
  • In-depth overview of agency
  • Interview with a key person in the agency
  • Reflective Paper
  • Other related assignments (resume, reading quizzes, qualtrics exit survey)
  • 6 credits: all learning activities for 3 credits + a 10 page paper with 10 references on a topic related to your internship.
  • 9 credits: all learning activities for 3 credits + a 20 page paper with 20 references on a topic related to your internship.


Please Note:

SFL 399R is an online class with coursework that you will complete in conjunction with your internship. You will be required to pay tuition for the number of credits you register for. Once you are registered and have Learning Suite access, you will be able to review the syllabus.