Mental Health Therapist



Mental Health Therapist - Addo Recovery


Specializing in pornography and sexual addiction and betrayal trauma, KayLee helps her clients along the path of healing and peace one day at a time. During her time at BYU, she has earned a Bachelors of Science in Marriage, Family, and Human Development and a Masters of Social Work Degree.


What advice would you give students interested in this occupation?


  1. Find a specific passion, and go after it.
  2. If you don't have a passion yet, look for opportunities where you can grow and develop and then use your life experiences and strengths to help other people.
  3. Practice humility and recognize that you are human and have struggles just like everyone else.
  4. Go get your own therapy and "get your own ducks in a row."
  5. Get experience in any way you can as early as you can.
  6. Book smarts and straight A's alone won't get you to your dream job, but it definitely won't hurt.
  7. Learn to let go of perfectionism.
  8. Prioritize your family and social life early in your academic career. That habit will make your life a lot easier in your future career.
  9. Make a lot of friends as you go to school and keep those friendships close, you'll never know when you'll need the expertise of others.
  10. Read. Read all the time, think and feel about what you read, and apply the good stuff you read into your own life. The search for Truth is the greatest endeavor any of us have in this life, why not start now?

How do you balance your efforts with your personal life?


As a therapist family/work balance is essential. My family comes first as a mental and emotional priority for me, and family commitments are always literally scheduled first. It helps that my agency is extremely flexible, but I think in order to balance work and family life I have always had to make it a priority and then advocate for myself.