Non-Profit Founder



Vice President - SA Lifeline Foundation


Rhyll graduated with a Bachelor's in Marriage and Family Studies in 2011. Together with her husband, Steven, they founded SA Lifeline Foundation to support those struggling with pornography, sexual addiction, and betrayal trauma.


What advice would you give students interested in this occupation?


My advice is to go out and gain a lot of different experiences in the area of family education and community outreach. Becoming passionate about family issues is the key to finding a focus that fits your personality. It is really important to have a focus on a specific area because there are so many issues that affect the needs of the family. You need to whittle it down to a specific focus in order to do real good.

How did BYU prepare you to start a non-profit foundation?


Several of the classes had assignments that encouraged me to develop programs that would be community education and outreach. When you have a focus in an area of family living it is helpful to say, “How can I make what I’m learning at BYU and my focus fit together?” For example, my very first class at BYU focused on studying the Proclamation to the Family. At the same time I was asked to do a booth for BYU Women’s Conference. As I worked on both my class and the preparation for this booth, I was able to coordinate my efforts. Another example: in Marriage Enrichment Class with Dr. Harper, one of our main assignments was to develop a 12-week program as an example to take to a community education program. My husband and I were able to work on this 12-week course together and some of this work and research became the foundation of some of the things that we have actually used in the work of SA Lifeline.