Psychosocial and Developmental Specialist



Psychosocial and Developmental Specialist


How has what you do at work benefitted you personally and your family?


I get great satisfaction being able to constantly use my education. Keeping up in my field and maintaining my clinical certification has benefitted not only my own family and friends, but is constantly being used church, community, and volunteer settings. I love the things I studied and I am passionate about sharing them. I am constantly being asked to help with things and answer questions. It is so rewarding to help people discover tools that make their experiences better. The positions I have held have changed across time as I have wanted work to play different roles in relation to my family and other priorities, but it has been a constant source of satisfaction. My education has opened doors of opportunity to work and travel all over the world, which is something I love to do. The best part of studying human development and relationships is that you get to use your knowledge all the time, everyday; there is no person your knowledge base doesn’t interact with. It’s certainly not an education that sits on a shelf and collects dust. When your profession is helping and teaching people no matter where you are in the world you can be useful every day.

How did your studies in the SFL prepare you to work in your current position?


Undergraduate coursework and my graduate program in the School of Family Life prepared me for many opportunities as a child life specialist in clinical and educational, and humanitarian settings. The depth of the coursework, preparation, and practical experience I received set me apart from others and has opened a lot of doors for me. I credit a lot of my success to having great teachers and classes at BYU. I have shared and applied the things I learned in my classes countless times in my work. The BYU motto “Enter to learn, go forth to serve” has always resonated with me. My personal philosophy has always been to “Be useful.” So many of the things I am involved with now are as a result of looking for opportunities to use my skills to help others.