The internship provides students with a capstone opportunity to integrate theory, research, and practice through actual field experience.

Who can do an internship?

Students who have junior or senior status; have completed SFL 101, SFL 160, SFL 210; completion or concurrent enrollment in at least 9 hours of SFL 300-400 level courses. You must have a minimum 2.30 cumulative grade point average and be in good honor code and academic standing at BYU.

How do I obtain an internship?

  1. Read this information about the academic requirements (Internship Academic Requirements)
  2. Identify a potential internship site. You are responsible for securing an internship but it must be approved in advance of the experience.
    • Karen Christensen (; 801-422-3697) in the Family and Social Services Internship office ( located at 945 KMBL can help identify potential internship sites that meet the requirements of the School of Family Life.
    • You will be able to search the Internship database in her office for potential internship sites.
  3. Once you have secured a potential internship please click on the following link to start the approval process.
  4. You will be notified via e-mail when your internship is approved by the School of Family Life. Your e-mail will provide further instructions regarding what you need to do to receive university approval. This involves filling out an additional form.
  5. Finally, you will register for SFL 399R. The number of credits you sign up for will be based on the credit hours to number of work hours ratio. See Internship Academic Requirements page to review the credit to work hour requirements.

Please Note:

SFL 399R is an online class with coursework that you will complete in conjunction with your internship. You will be required to pay tuition for the number of credits you register for. Once you are registered and have Learning Suite access, you will be able to review the syllabus.

Why do an internship?

  • It enhances your career opportunities and performance
  • It can provide a potential job post-internship
  • It benefits your own family
  • It is a great learning experience