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How to Improve Your Relationship IQ

Start out 2022 with a new season of The Family Perspectives Podcast all about "how to improve your relationship IQ!"

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Season One

Dedication to Professor Julie Haupt

Julie’s willingness to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit helped her change countless lives for the better.

Dr. Melanie Serrao-Hill

After graduating with her Bachelors degree in Human Development, Dr. Hill decided to pursue a masters degree as well as a PhD doing research centered around older adults.

Professor Hal Boyd

Life in The Public Square with Professor Hal Boyd

Dr. Loren Marks

Family Home Evening with Dr. Loren Marks.

Dr. Denhi Chaney

Perfectionism with Dr. Denhi Chaney

Dr. Jeff Dew

Family Finance with Dr. Jeff Dew.

Dr. Brian Willoughby

Dr. Willoughby's major academic focuses are Couple and Family Formation, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Development, and Emerging Adulthood Development.

Dr. David Dollahite

A conversation with Dr. David Dollahite.