Marriage Meaning

It’s no secret that marriage has been changing. This website explores the changing meanings of marriage and their implications for young adults today who aspire to forming and sustaining a healthy, life-long marriage. “Whatever” doesn’t work well when it comes to the meaning of marriage because meaning quietly but powerfully shapes our attitudes and behaviors. Yes, people experience marriage in highly personal ways, but it is not a privatized commodity. It is a public institution that guides our behavior. What marriage means in society matters because it affects the capacity of the institution to bless the lives of children, women, and men.

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SFL Undergraduate Degrees

Two of the undergraduate degrees in the School of Family Life – Family Studies and Human Development – each have two emphasis -
Family Studies –
  • Family Studies
  • Family Services
Human Development –
  • Human Development
  • Biological Foundations
Check out the differences and possibly find the one that meets your interest and academic passion!

Family Proclamation

Celebration of The Family Proclamation
1995 – 2015

The Fantasy and Reality of Your Royal Identity

Sarah Coyne, Associate Professor of Human Development recently delivered a devotional address on “The Fantasy and Reality of Your Royal Identity. Using new research on the Disney Princess culture, Coyne has found that this media may cause gender-problematic behaviors in girls.
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New SFL Alumni Magazine

Dear SFL Alumni, here is the next issue of our alumni magazine, “Family Connections,” featuring accomplishments of SFL alumni, faculty members, and other valuable resources. Enjoy!”