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PRN: Marriage and Family Therapy Practice Research Network

The MFT-PRN an Internet-based assessment system that can be used by MFTs and other systemically-oriented therapists across the country and the world. The system is designed so that the receptionist or therapist works with clients to complete the assessments before each therapy session. When the client checks in with the receptionist or other person designated by the clinic, the receptionist will enter their name in the PRN website (if it is the first session) or pull-up the client by their initials (if it is an established client). The receptionist will then scan the QR code that automatically pops up using an iPad or other electronic tablets (if preferred a computer could also be used). The appropriate assessment measures will then automatically be loaded, and the clients will complete the assessments. Once they are finished, the attending therapist will then instantaneously receive a clinical report of the clients’ assessments, and the responses will be automatically stored on a secure server. Data from all clients using the PNR are to BYU for use in publications and presentations.

RAs can receive either pay or credit.

RA Tasks:

  • Help with Data collection
  • Clinic recruitment
  • Monitoring progress
  • Cleaning data

Faculty Director: Dr. Lee Johnson, Dr. Shayne Anderson, Dr. Roy Bean, Dr. Alyssa Banford, Dr. Jason Whiting

Project Manager

Connor Barham

To apply contact Connor Barham (