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The Family Finance Project

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Dr. LeBaron-Black's team uses various datasets and methods to study how money impacts wellbeing and relationships. Specifically, we study two main topics:

1) How parent financial socialization is associated with success in emerging adulthood (including financial, relational, and mental health outcomes)

2) How couple financial management is associated with relational success (and potential gender differences)

Potential sub-topics for exploration include materialism, spenders vs tightwads, stress & bonadaptation, power & feminism, financial giving, joint vs separate bank accounts, etc. Statistical analyses may include structural equation models, actor-partner interdependence models, latent profile analysis, psychometric testing, etc., and we may also use qualitative methods.

Potential applicants are encouraged to have taken Research Methods and Statistics. RAs may receive course credit (SFL 403R) or can apply to receive pay.

Potential RA Tasks (depending on RA skill level and goals):

-Statistical analysis
-Writing and presenting research

For more information or to apply, contact Dr. Ashley LeBaron-Black (