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UPS: Understanding and Preventing Suicide

Understanding and Preventing Suicide (UPS) is a mixed-method research project that focuses on people at risk of suicide (primarily sexual- and gender-minority youth currently).

The project has two main foci:
(1) to better understand what suicidality is and what makes people suicidal
(2) to better understand how prevention efforts can prevent suicide.

As the project builds, it will include qualitative interviews, quantitative analyses, and eventually will involve clinical trial intervention and process research relating to a brief family-focused treatment for suicidal and depressed youth.

Prior research experience is not required.

RA Tasks:

  • literature searching
  • survey creation
  • data cleaning, interviewing
  • transcribing
  • and a wide variety of options for motivated students.

Faculty Director: Quintin Hunt

To apply, contact Professor Hunt (